hi friends, i’m glad you’re here!

My little family is made up of my amazing husband, Drew, who is the total opposite of me but somehow exactly the same, our extremely strong-willed but kind little girl, and fur baby Chloe, who spends her days following the trail of crumbs leading to our toddler. They are my reason.

I believe that God gave me this heart that’s fueled by love and photography is my way of showing love to those around me. I want to give you something that you can hold onto and cherish through the beautiful years we call life.

Ever since childhood I have gravitated toward anything that allows me to be creative. Art was a space where I could get away from the pressure I put on myself in school and just relax. Photography always peaked my interest the most. I even remember being at my grandparent’s house, attempting to pose their little white fluffy dog with my polaroid camera in hand, haha!

My true love for photography really sparked alive after our beautiful daughter was born. As a baby she would do these little things repetitively, but they would change from each milestone to the next. Thinking back on them would always make me smile, because it reminded me of that stage in her life. I never wanted to forget them and she did them so often I didn’t think I could. But over time those sweet little memories would fade. I truly wish those pieces of her unique personality would have been preserved in a way that I could look back on. That’s when my love for photography evolved into something so much deeper.

My soul is poured out during every session in the way I see and capture you and your loved ones. The way y’all move, play, dance, love, hug, share, touch, exist. That’s what I’m seeking.

(Photo credit of our family to the amazing Angela Doran Photography)

(Photo credit of our family to the amazing Angela Doran Photography)

I would love to be part of your journey! If it sounds like we would vibe contact me and we can start planning your session!