Welcome friends!

Thank you so much for considering Shelby Schiller Photography for a session with your family! I can’t say it enough... I LOVE what I do. I’m not here to capture unrealistic pictures of your family perfectly-posed with forced smiles; instead, I’m here to capture sweet moments. I know the thought of a session can be stressful, with so many moving parts, but it doesn’t have to be! I’m here to help every step of the way and also just to help everyone let their guards down and have fun!

Here's a little more about me!

  • love my babies (the 2- and 4- legged variety)
  • passionate, faith-driven, goober-ish, perfectionist, with a huge sweet tooth!
  • hot chocolate over coffee anyday
  • amazing husband who supports me and every dream that I have...plus an awesome family (by blood and by marriage)
  • love me some natural light and dancing around with your kiddos, just to capture that silly smile that makes them...them

I may not know you yet, but your family matters to me and I want to be the one to preserve those small, but completely significant moments in your life. Why? Because they matter.


Want to get to know me a little better? Contact me and I would be happy to answer any question you may have!