outdoor lifestyle family with three crazy fun kids

I always look forward to seeing this family! They are just so much fun and up for whatever, which creates a space for super playful sessions to happen. It never feels like I’m working, maybe getting a workout chasing these three kiddos around, but definitely not working, haha.

We played a lot of games, which was great for the little ones. It keeps them entertained and happy. I try to incorporate fun things into all of my sessions to get everyone comfortable, so I can capture those authentic interactions. One of the biggest worries I hear from parents prior to their family pictures is that the kids will have a meltdown and not want to participate. Playing games, exploring, and doing things they actually want to do helps prevent that.

And when it comes down to it, sometimes there’s just no way to prevent it. Toddlers are just going to be toddlers. That’s totally ok though! Seriously no worries if they get fussy, because that just gives us a great opportunity for snuggles. Personally, I absolutely love shots of a tired toddler snuggled in their mom or dad’s arms. That comfort is a great thing to capture on camera!