choosing outfits for a session

Let’s talk outfits. Let me start by saying that I will always be here to give you ideas and input on outfits, or any other aspect of a session. You will never be left to have to figure it out on your own when you book with me!

So many people stress out about deciding what everyone will wear during pictures, but I promise that it’s not terribly difficult. There are different things you can do to create a balanced look. A big one is including solids, patterns, and textures. For this session, you will see all three of those elements. You have several solid colors, a pretty floral pattern, and a nice knit texture. The flutter sleeve even adds some extra texture/movement. That alone makes a big impact on the overall look.

You also want to pick colors that are complementary without being too matchy-matchy. Not every color needs to be repeated either. Choose some to repeat and some that stand alone yet pair well with the others. The rust orange dress is a bold color that isn’t seen anywhere else. However, the other colors in the floral pattern are pulled out in what the sweet little girl and husband are wearing. All of the colors together have a nice earthy yet spring-y feel.

Another fun element that you see below is the layering. The knit piece over the dress and the romper over the little one’s shirt create a more complete look!

Keeping these concepts in mind makes choosing the attire so much easier. Or if all else fails, just rely on me to help, haha!