couples lifestyle outdoor jeep adventure session in college station, tx

Love, love, love this couple! Remi and Colt came out ready for an adventure. Ready to be playful and do a lot of laughing! And spoiler, we definitely did!

Remi and I had been texting for several weeks prior to first meeting up about everything from the weather to so many possible adorable outfit choices! I always love to help you choose clothing that will really showcase your personalities but also photograph beautifully. Trying to narrow it down was tough when this girl had so many fun options, haha! We reigned it in though and decided on a few that would give us a nice mix of color and texture. We had light/dark + lightweight cotton/chunky knits + neutrals/soft tones + even a pop of a fun earthy color!

The day came and Texas threw us a bunch of clouds and 20mph wind. I told Remi not to worry because I can very much work with clouds — they are like a big beautiful light diffuser. And the wind really worked in our favor by giving so much extra movement to our shots!

I loved every minute with these two and by the end of our session, we had gone through everything from belly laughs to sweet kisses to even some giddy smiles…although that might have actually been the jalapeño ranch and tortilla chips on Colt’s mind, but who needs to know, right??